So what does compassion have to do with a cookie? 

As a consumer we hold the power to make conscious choices, especially when it comes to what we are putting in our body. To me, choosing compassion is enjoying a cookie but not at the expense of another living being. 

That concept has been a driving force behind my transition to a vegan lifestyle. Animal products come from the disturbing world of animal agriculture which makes a profit on exploitation and slaughter. I began to question, why does a cow endure a lifetime of suffering for my tastebuds to enjoy a few moments of pleasure? The reality is you don't need any animal products to make delicious food and desserts. I started my own cookie business on a journey of honoring myself, living life creatively, and empowering all life to feel seen and heard by providing a mouthwatering dessert that doesn't support exploitation and cruelty. My goal is to spread compassion, love and awareness with each cookie sold. 



My Name is Marisa or as my parents call me "Minn."  I am a self taught, certified home baker in Simi Valley, CA.